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Hi Everyone!
This is my way to share them with the world because it’s your birthrite to feel calm, at ease, relaxed and happy. These guided journeys are reminders that you are perfect as you are. And you deserve to feel all these good things. In the rough and tumble of life, and for those times when you have – and yes, I have had large servings of life’s ups and downs we need a solace.

These types of meditations were my anchor getting through the inevitable stress which arises while running a successful business and while writing my books to meet publisher’s deadlines. They were a lifeline for me during all the insomnia I had while pregnant, and more times than I can count, a quick practice got me through the day during those sleepless early parenting years. They have calmed anxiety when life has taken unexpected twists and turns. They have been my solace in times of loss and grief.
And these relaxations are for the good times too! These relaxationshelp you savour the good so you can really enjoy it. As they bring you back to the pure and perfect you that you are, they serve as check ins and tune ups when your passage through life is all smooth sailing. Andhowever you are sailing at the moment, the deeper you come to feel and really truly ‘know’ that good, present peaceful core of you, the better.

They bring you into the present moment and allow you to feel fully relaxed while you are there. Afterall, this moment is really all we really, truly have. And the benefits of this are stunning. Even after nearly three decades of yoga practice, I am constantly amazed at how just a few moments of this present moment awareness an completely transform the rest of my day.

So, I can’t wait to share them withyou! Enjoy!

– Christina

About Christina Brown

Christina Brown is a bestselling author has been teaching meditation and relaxation for over two decades. Her how to yoga books rank in the top three instructional yoga books on Amazon.


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